ROP Veneto ESF [POR Veneto FSE] 2014-2020

1. Employment and labour market
Improving the employability of job-seekers and workers, particularly young people and women. The Region will modernise public employment services, give adults support and training to stay in the job market, and promote local employment initiatives and mobility for job-seekers in isolated areas.

2. Social inclusion
Supporting people from marginalised communities or at risk of social exclusion – especially young people – to find sustainable work. Additional measures will promote equal access to opportunities and active participation in society for these groups.

3. Education and training
Realizing education and training initiatives to increase social inclusion, with a focus on measures that prevent early school leaving. Other measures will target equal access to good-quality education at pre-school, primary and secondary levels. Training will be reintegrated into education, using a variety of approaches to teach skills. Support for workers and businesses to adapt to change, increasing their competitiveness.

4. Better public administration
Introducing additional institutional capacity elements to support the key aims: to improve access to work, to raise secondary education completion rates and to promote adaptability.

€ 764.031.822 (50% EU contribution)

Dr. Santo Romano
Area Capitale umano, cultura e programmazione comunitaria
Regione del Veneto
Palazzo Grandi Stazioni, Fondamenta Santa Lucia
Cannaregio, 23 – 30121 Venezia

Legnaro National Laboratories are recognized as Body of Higher Education by Veneto Region.