ROP Veneto ERDF [POR Veneto FESR] 2014-2020

1. Research, Technological development and Innovation
Strengthening research, technological development and innovation by promoting a more intensive collaboration between SMEs and the scientific and education worlds.
Forms of aggregation and investments in R&D will be favoured.

2. Digital Agenda
Enhancing access to, use and quality of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), in order to reduce the digital divide and improve services offered by public administration. In particular, the ultra-broadband connection will be developed in response to the increasing request of SMEs.

3. Competitiveness of productive systems
Sustaining to the realisation, diversification and internationalisation of SMEs in support of their competitiveness. Enterprises managed by young people or women and investments in tourism and in the commercial sector will be favoured.

4. Energy sustainability and Environmental quality
Contributing to the European objective of a low carbon economy, by improving the energy efficiency of buildings and companies, reducing emissions and encouraging the use of renewables.

5. Seismic and hydric risk
Promoting actions to make safe areas of the territory evaluated at high seismic and hydric risk

6. Sustainable Urban Development
Enhancing life and sustainability in urban areas, by concentrating efforts in marginal areas and helping needy people.

€ 600.310.716 (50% EU contribution)

Dr. Caterina De Pietro
Direzione Programmazione unitaria
Programmazione e gestione FESR
Regione del Veneto
Rio Tre Ponti – Dorsoduro 3494/A
30123 Venezia