NOP R&I [PON R&I] 2014-2020
on Research and Innovation

The National Operational Programme on Research and Innovation [managed by MUR] focuses its own action, in coherence with the National Programme on Research, on research, innovation and technological development and it aims to create the framework within which the local production systems can improve their competitive performance.

The actions undertaken with this funding instrument are complementary to those of National Operational Programme on Enterprises and Competitiveness [PON I&C] managed by the Ministry of Economic Development [MISE].

The actions of the programme are addressed to the following regions: Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicilia [the less developed regions]; Abruzzo, Molise e Sardegna [the transition regions].

Some peculiarities have been introduced in the NOP on Research and Innovation for the period 2014-2020. In particular, the need to enhance the national competitiveness has been emphasized. The innovative aspects of the programme can be individuated as follows:

•  objectives of national relevance: the programme aims to promote integrated interventions on research and experimental development in order to promote new manufacturing and service specializations, valorizing the competences and experiences already reached in Italy;
•  interregional dimension: according the National Smart Specialization Strategy, a strategical integration between national and regional dimensions and programmes shall be pursued. Collaborations between enterprises, universities, research institutions and other realities, public or private, of the Italian context are encouraged to obtain reciprocal advantages and avoid duplications of actions;
•  the technological quality and the experimental character of the action;
•  the horizontal and integrated planning, with priorities and objectives interconnected in order to focus the resources on more specific areas of interest.

The application fields mainly involved in the actions of the NOP are those considered by the national strategy the bases of the future national challenges and opportunities to be competitive. They are the following: Aerospace, Agrifood, Blue Growth, Green Chemistry, Design, creativity and made in Italy, Energy, Intelligent factory, Sustainable mobility, Health, Smart, secure and inclusive communities, Technologies for life environments and Technologies for cultural heritage.

The MUR has decided to concentrate its efforts and resources in only two priorities, defined with reference to the thematic objectives supported by the European Social Fund [ESF] and the European Regional Development Fund [ERDF].

1. Investiments in human capital [TO 10 ESF]
Investing in education, training and vocational training for skills and lifelong learning.
The actions concern:
•  innovative PhDs
•  attracting senior researchers to the less developed regions
•  mobility

2. Thematic projects [TO 1 ERDF]
Strengthening research, technological development and innovation
The actions concern:
•  research infrastructures: implementation of the existing or new infrastructures, accessible to researchers,  with the aim of attracting investments in research and innovation and increasing the national and regional competitiveness
•  technological clusters: support to national clusters in order to sustain excellence in strategic research fields. Moreover, promotion of the development of innovation systems as aggregations of enterprises, research institutions and other subjects significant for the enhancement of the competiveness of the national economic system.
•  research projects on key enabling technologies [KETs]: development of a restricted number of projects of high technical and scientific quality on key enabling technologies, selected in coherence with the regional strategies and specializations, and support to the collaborations business-research.

[EU contribution of € 926.200.000 (€ 203.700.000 via ESF and € 722.500.000 via ERDF) and national contribution of € 359.800.000]

Direzione generale per il coordinamento e la valorizzazione della ricerca e dei suoi risultati
Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca [MUR]
Via Michele Carcani, 61
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