Fondazione CARIPARO

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation that for the last 20 years has been working to promote the quality of life and the sustainable development of the territory of Padua and Rovigo. It is inspired by a vision of an open, cooperating community aiming at innovation.

Its activities include:
• supporting, promoting and planning projects mainly in the fields of scientific research, education, art and cultural activities, health and environment, assistance and protection of weak groups to encourage the socio-economic development of the territory;
• promoting the internationalization of research bodies of the territory.

The foundation disburses grants to non-profit organizations to support the implementation of projects and initiatives selected through calls for proposals in specific fields of support actions.

In order to benefit from a grant, it is necessary to:
• have legal status or be a member of the following registers:
– Regional Register of voluntary Organizations;
– Register of Social Promotion Associations;
– Register of amateur sports societies and associations set up at the CONI – Italian National Olympic Committee;
• be a non-profit organization;
• operate permanently in the areas of intervention of the Foundation and, in particular, in those ones which the support is addressed to.