FIS – Italian Science Fund

Objective of the Fund is to support fundamental research projects in any field relating to the macro-sectors and the scientific-disciplinary fields determined by the European Research Council [ERC], led by emerging Principal Investigators or established researchers, of any nationality.

Calls for proposals are issued almost every year through a Decree released by the MUR.

The contribution is granted up to a maximum of 100% of the total eligible expenditure, which must be related to the costs actually incurred by the beneficiary for the implementation of the proposed initiative.

The following cost categories are eligible:
• personnel dedicated and recruited ad hoc for the project;
• instruments and equipment;
• other operating costs [e.g. consumables, access to research infrastructures, publications, …];
• services of scientific consulting or of technical-scientific assistance used exclusively for the purposes of the project.

Overheads are recognised at a flat rate of 20% of the total eligible direct costs of the project.

Eligible subjects as beneficiaries of the Fund may be Italian state and non-state Universities, including specialised higher education institutes, public research entities under the supervision of the MUR, Scientific Institutes for Research, Hospitalisation and Healthcare, the Academies of Fine Arts and Conservatories, having their operational headquarters in Italy.

The proposals are submitted by Principal Investigators in conjunction with the Host Institutions [beneficiaries of the Fund], in one of the foreseen funding schemes:

Starting Grant: addressed to emerging researchers, at the beginning of their career [PIs Junior], who have obtained their first Phd [or equivalent qualification] from no less than 2 and from no more than 10 years at the date of publication of the call, with a certain potential of scientific independence.

Advanced Grant: addressed to researchers established in their field [PIs Senior], with a maximum age of 65 years at the deadline of the call, scientifically independent and recognised leaders in the field of research proposed for at least 10 years.